A love that lasted (Vrushali & Keshav Parab)

Love can blossom in regular and ordinary places. Mine started during my junior college days. A age when love seemed like the last thing in my mind. Keshav being three years elder to me, it was easy for him to ask me out and express his feelings. I knew deep inside that I loved him, but my shyness acted as a barrier and I politely denied. However we remained friends and with each passing day and year our bonding grew stronger. This obviously led to me being more open and comfortable and eventually I expressed likewise feelings for him. This was the inception of our love story. I consider myself truly blessed for the kind of understanding Keshav has shown towards me and our relation. With a promise of not hurting our loved ones, we continued being in love.
After a long and beautiful 9 years of relationship, both I and Keshav decided to tie the knot. A few initial glitches from my parent’s side did make it difficult but not impossible. Keshav put his foot down and insisted in getting married to no one but me. And together we with our families’ blessings got married happily. 6 months into our marriage now, I take pride in saying that our exceptional understanding has brought us here. We both hope to keep this immortal.