A love that triumphed over troubles! (Shweta and Lis)

My best friend Zanita had a big role in setting me up with Lis. She knew it right from the start that we were the perfect couple. I always hated men thanks to my previous relationship that turned sour because of my guy’s infidelity. Trusting men or even being nice to them seemed to be irritating for me until I met Lis at a Church feast in the year 2009. Our eyes met and maybe our souls too. Something struck me when he looked into my eyes, I knew there was something. The irony was Lis was planning to pop the question to his long time crush, However I guess i stole the limelight. We kept looking at each other not saying a word and yet having felt like we had hours-long conversation. In fact even today, if we want to talk something personal in a group, our eyes do all the talking. We exchanged numbers the same night and it all started with the normal, lovey-dovey cute messages.

On 15th November, on the pretext of having left his phone, he took me home and introduced me to his parents. My inner voice told me that this was more than a casual meeting. And like my mind said, the next day itself, Zani told me that Lis wanted to ask me for marriage but wasn’t sure since he was apprehensive of my reply. The same night a male friend of mine accompanied me to a party to help set things, tha’ts where Lis proposed me and admitted to being jealous. It was cute.

We got engaged on 1st of December and got married on 28th November 2012. Our relationship as husband and wife as gone through a lot of testing times especially since I had left my job and career to look after my mother-in-law who was that time suffering from lung cancer. With no help coming forward from any other member, I had taken up whole responsibility. This led to cries, fights and frustration because I was drained emotionally. Lis stood by me like a rock and we stood together for the the safe of family and most importantly love. Taking up such serious responsibility, tending to both professional and personal needs, we realized that we have evolved into a matured couple.

One special thing he did for me is sit with me for 2 complete movies because he prefers sitting among sharks than watching movies. I love his innocence and hate his stubbornness, also the fact that my boyfriend turned husband is suddenly lazy and calls my name even for the smallest detail.

My marriage with Lis has helped me be a woman and not just a lover.