A rainy Love Story(Aarti and Vijay Rakshe)

The first day I met Vijay was in college where we had enrolled us for additional Diploma course after Graduation. It was in the month of July 2003, our 1st day of lecture when I and one of my friends got introduced to him since we were in the same course lecture. Honestly after we met we could see wider horizons, bigger dreams and got a sense of completeness.

Our first date is something that will remain with me forever. We both mutually chose to have dinner at a restaurant with lesser crowd so that we could do a lot of catching up. Zero awkwardness, zero embarrassment and we chatted on for hours with utmost comfort. It helped me know Vijay know better and deeper. My liking for him grew stronger and my respect for him increased in folds. The whole ambiance seemed romantic to me. It felt like we were racing on heartbeats. One thing that strikes out in our relation and I take pride in saying it is that, on a rainy day sitting on a bridge, sharing the umbrella, I, Aarti Rakshe had the guts to ask the guy of my dreams for marriage. No flowers, no sound effects-Only the rains me and him-that was enough to make it romantic. Unlike others, this time female that is I popped the big question. And the answer was yes of course.

Since that day to this date, inspite of all the cultural differences, we managed to bridge every gap between us through proper communication and understanding. A Maharashtrian man and a Bengali lady do make for a cute couple. “I am madly in love with Vijay so really can’t think of anything that I can say I hate about him. Sorry no place for this feeling in our relation,” says Aarti Rakshe who is now also a mother to a beautiful angel named Unnati. So for me life after marriage or before marriage is as thrilling as it should be.
We have understood our individual roles in our lives to stay together; we share every responsibility to avoid bitterness. After all, life is a roller coaster ride and that’s how exactly we both want it to be.