He received Love unconditionally! (Shweta Nair and Vijay)

A love affair that started in college. It started in fun, for time pass just so that I have somebody to hang out with, talk to and share my happiness and sadness with. It was unimaginable for a boy like me to carry an affair for 4 years long. And Vijay being my name which also means victory, I had typical spoilt brat kinds behaviour. I hated defeat, but this girl I met ,she taught me a taste of defeat helps you enjoy victory in a better way.
I never knew the girl I only liked; she will at some point be one of the most important part of my life. The love of my life Shweta taught me to love, to smile, to be happy-go-lucky and taught how beautiful life is when lived correctly.

My life was in an utter mess till I met Shweta. But since then honestly; my life is way better and systematic now. In the 4 years spend with her, I have lied to her, never loved her enough, had time for the world but not for her and at times also acted jilted.
But it was she who held on and refused to let go off me. A year back when we separated because of my unacceptable ways-2 months of separation gave me a hard realisation that I definitely can lead my life without her. But that life would be lot less happier and a lot duller.
With all the guilt and realisation I wooed her back. And today, exactly into 4 years of togetherness we are better, madly in love and more fun as a couple. And what I love the most in her-She gives and gives and gives some more expecting nothing in return.

To all the men who run away from love and commitment, I have a word of advice-Love is indeed beautiful if you have the right person with you. Well in my case I have the best. And I and Shweta are looking forward to years of such lovely moments. We want to be tied down forever! Our wedding bells will ring soon and loud.