25 years of togetherness! (Sangeeta Sawant & Milind Sawant )

I owe my life to my sister Ujwala who is the main protagonist of my love story. It was more like a 60s black and white love story. I remember dropping my little sister to school every single day on my cycle. On my way to school, there was this pretty girl who always shied away every time she saw me. I still don’t know why. Her pretty and innocent face had attracted me beyond words. Like a typical man, I had the courage to try initiating a conversation with her, and she being the typical girl always shied away making excuses. Ujwala who noticed all of this told me her name is Sangeeta.
Years passed, my sister reached her last year of graduation. Her exams were around the corner and I had just come back home from work. I got the shock of my life when I saw Sangeeta at my house. My excitement knew no bounds. That made me more confident. We started talking and with every passing day the talks increased. Her visits to our house kept increasing. And my mom, the best in the world sensed and read my feelings and she knew I loved her. She knew what she had to do and I knew what I had to do. I confessed my feelings and in response all I got was a cute look which was more than enough for me.

We got married and still are. 25 years into this marriage now and parents to a 24 year old son, we are a happy family. Every moment spend with my wife has always been heavenly. Never give up is what we both stuck to. Today Sangeeta and Milind Sawant is definitely an inspirational couple who have fought every trouble together. My strength and weakness lies in her.