Inter-Caste Love! (Karuna and Tony Sequeira)

I never thought I will ever be Tony’s wife. It was like a distant and far-fetched dream. I a typical Tamil Brahmin girl and Tony being a Christian, we never thought we would fall in love and in fact even marry. A business call to him slowly and gradually turned into a full fledged love story. We both worked in different companies spoke often for professional purposes, but soon we realised that our phone calls were getting personal. Slowly we both developed feelings, but Tony just wouldn’t budge. So I smartly initiated the whole proposal thing and pushed him into proposing me. Both our families when knew about our relation, they had issues for obvious reasons. A Tamil and Christian can’t get married, why I still wonder. But we both dint give up till the end and convinced them. 6 months into our marriage, we are still enjoying our honeymoon phase. So far so good, our friendship turned love is flourishing day by day. Every morning I wake up, my love for him is growing. His hug, love and trust keep me secured and happy. Marrying him is one of my best decisions ever, likewise for him as well.