Best Friends in Love(Vinita Singh & Jitendra Singh)

A girl who was called Vinita Nair all through her college life after marriage was known as Vinita Singh. And why not, she was married to Jitendra Singh, a North Indian. And I have no qualms in admitting that I was madly in love with Jitu as I fondly call him. Caste, language held no place in our relation. We first met in college. Friends of the same group so there was no discomfort. We went places; spoke over the phone just like any other friends would do.
Only to realize later that the once casual feeling had turned into something more. His clothes, his hair, and his shoes-every small detail caught my fancy. I noticed more about him. His interactions with other girls fluttered my heart and raced my heartbeats. Jealousy and insecurity-a feeling that I never knew existed surfaced. He too felt the same. Slowly and gradually we spend more time, went to coffee houses, had late night dinners and late night talks. And like destiny had it, one fine day Jitu asked me out and I without a second though told him a yes. The surprising part was none of our families had any problems; they got us married happily since we both were well settled in our respective careers. Now married for 7 years with a beautiful daughter, our relationship since then hasn’t changed much. The only thing that has changed is that we love each other stronger and deeper. With not many big issues so far, trust has helped build and grow our relation to this level. Kudos to us!