A love that is growing (Abhishek Tiwari & Surabhi Tiwari)

Met through family, a completely arranged marriage. It all started off with a set of apprehensions in both mine and Surabhi’s minds. Our families loved each other and they wanted us to get married. We too did, but knowing each other was important for both of us. Our first meeting was personal unlike other marriages where family or friends gather around. This was one advantage and we made the most of it. We got to know a lot about each other.
Our comfort level had grown by the time we met because a spate of phone calls helped us build the comfort level and ward off awkwardness. What keeps our marriage going even now is both of us share a broad outlook towards life, a great understanding and similar natures.
The best part about me and Surabhi is that we are more like friends hence each day are fun and thrilling. We often get caught up in work but we make sure to give understanding and the much needed space.