Love that grows by the minute (Vishaal & Payal Shah)

The whole concept of oldies setting me up with a potential woman irked me. Arrange marriages always felt like blind dates; only difference being parents or relatives arranged the dates. I first saw Payal at a community function where she was the host for the evening. Appealing and highly sophisticated, I knew she was too pretty for me; more like a Mercedes Benz that can’t be owned but only admired.

My belief in destiny however was retained the day when her family showed interest in ours. Clueless who the girl is, I kept denying considering it was an arranged proposal. But after days of convincing done by my family, I gave in and agreed to meet her once. I was in for a sweet shock when I realised the girl is the same Mercedes I was admiring. I found my “no” slowly turning to a yes. After being allowed to share some personal talks in a separate room, we spoke a lot and I was won over, but partially. The second time we met convinced me completely that she is the one for me. I could picture her as my friend, wife, life-partner and as a mother to my children. When I imagined 20 years further, I saw myself happy. Now married for 12 years there is nothing that I want to go back and change. Her remarkable understanding towards my busy schedule is something that I adore and respect the most. In fact her understanding is 10% more than mine, which makes our relation going smoothly.

In the last 12 years both of us have ensured that we don’t go to bed with our differences. We talk it out, fight it out but welcome each day with a smile. Now after so many years I am still glad I decided to take the leap of faith with her. She makes each day enlivening and different.