Love is forever! (Aditi Mathur& Nikhil Dave)

I met Nikhil in school, std 3, at the age of 7. From classmates, who used to dislike each-other but had a soft corner somewhere to friends. Years passed by, we grew up and went on to become best buddies. Studying together having fun and enjoying each others company slowly turned to liking, but I wasn’t the one to accept that I have started to feel different for him. We were inseparable, I used to willingly do all his home work and face loud music by the teachers for doing so. He was a smart one and class topper as well and hence always got away with every little mischief.
Lot of small and big things happened and I began to realize this is something more than friendship but was scared to accept.

He was already bowled over and had tried a million times to tell me how special I mean to him. But I wasn’t the one to budge an inch forward.
Meanwhile, to make me jealous he pretended to be dating other girls from school to make me insecured. And Voila! I was indeed jealous and insecured. Nikhil had succeeded. Still, I wasn’t ready for a relationship, being a best buddy was the least I could do.We had a healthy family interaction since the beginning. None of our families ever had any problem with our growing friendship. We had support from both the sides.
He finally proposed me in std 12, after umpteen number of failed attempts, this time with a warning that if I don’t say yes, he will go stand on the railway track and die-something that he laughs on now.
I said yes and had a condition that my yes means a lifelong commitment and that I won’t turn my back ever.
But even after I said a yes it took quite sometime for me to sink in the fact that I have chosen him as a life partner. Like any other teenager, we had a super time in school, right from bunking classes, meeting to staring at each other in physics classes. But thankfully we were one of the most respected students and nobody ever pointed a finger at us. Teachers probably turned blind, if not, they preferred not to open their mouth because we were good students and scored fairly good.
“But as it happens, in the love-blind-fold, we became totally lost and eventually his grades dropped. But this didn’t bother him at all, because he was busy focusing on me and I on his assignments.”
School got over, he landed in a good college in Bangalore.Just when we started of as a couple in a true sense, he left the city and it was a long distance relationship for 4-long-years. He visited me twice a year and that’s when we spend as much time as possible.
I can happily say that we gracefully completed our long distance thing till I moved to Bangalore to study journalism. We were again together. I could stay in hostel, but I always made reasons to live with him.
The good thing is that we never faced any trust issues. We remained committed to the relationship that we had sowed out of love and will, obviously with heavy pressure from both the families to get married or the least get engaged.
I don’t know how difficult will our lives be as a married couple after living together for so many years but I am definitely looking forward to him being my life partner. I’m sure even he is.But we both have mutually agreed to take time. For now all I can say is Aditi is happy living in with her long term boyfriend Nikhil Dave.14 years of friendship,8 years of love and some more-what more can I ask for.