Love just happens!(Prabhakar and Pramila)

A purely arranged marriage, I didn’t know that my parents would find me such a lovely life partner. I first met her at her place on the occasion of her cousin’s engagement. A first look and everybody in my family also liked her. The usual formal talks, and finding out about both the families took place. Our marriage was fixed immediately without a second thought. I don’t even remember meeting her more than twice before marriage. But yes, thanks to my brother-in-law I got hold of her number and we spoke daily till late night. In spite of all this, we were sure about this.
My liking and fondness grew during those days, and I was even surer that she is the one. I realized that Pramila and I share a lot n common. For example-same blood group, same birth-date and also our likes and dislikes. I have always wanted a woman with good cultural and traditional values and was more than happy to have found one. More than a year into our marriage, our married life by god’s grace is going smooth and filed with love. We haven’t really planned much for our future, but one thing that we want is many more years of togetherness.