Never too Late for Love. (T. Gopinathan & Chandrika Gopinathan)

A mother to 4 beautiful grown-ups, and I being a wife to T. Gopinathan, I take utmost pride in saying that my relationship with my husband started exactly 35 years back. And without a doubt, I am still looking forward to spending more years with him as his beloved wife and see my grandchildren playing round calling me “nani”. I met my husband first time at a common friend’s wedding.
A small glance of him, and he immediately caught my attention. But what I wasn’t aware of was that he caught my parent’s attention too. And soon, as time passed by, both his parents and mine spoke to each other, finalized things and one fine day they tied the knot. A completely arranged marriage we didn’t have anything overly romantic. Simple talks, simple hangouts but what made it special was our conversations. Both of us made exceptional efforts to know each other. With the birth of our first kid, I couldn’t believe that this stranger that I met at the wedding is now the father of my child. 2 sons and 2 daughters now, our marriage did face turbulent times, but me Chandrika along with my husband have surpassed all of them through a great maturity and understanding. 35 years for us passed with the blink of an eye, and we wish to live together longer.